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The international department has both engineering and legal staff. The members of the engineering staff are specialized in diversified fields of technology that include electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemistry, communications, and biotechnology. The members of the legal staff are specialized in legal matters. Onda Techno offers clients a unique combination of engineering experience and legal expertise. This combination allows us to provide you with fast, efficient and cost effective service. In addition, our highly skilled secretarial staff, which is responsible for docketing and accounting, uses a sophisticated computer system to manage and protect our clients’ valuable applications and intellectual property rights.

Our international network extends over 100 countries including those in America, Europe, and Asia. In these countries, we have established solid professional relationships with firms whose legal and service standards equal our own. Based in Japan, Onda Techno serves clients throughout the world in association with these firms.

Our international business can be generally divided into outbound work and inbound work. Outbound work is directed to patent protection service abroad for our domestic clients. Our in-house US patent attorney checks the work done by our Japanese staff to maintain high quality. Inbound work refers to patent protection service in Japan for our foreign clients. Our bilingual Japanese staff members handle all of the work sent through our international network every day.

One feature of our international department is the seminars we hold for our clients. Our US Patent Attorney periodically gives lectures on US patent law. We also invite experts from Europe and Asia for seminars to assist our clients in keeping abreast with changes in other countries. In this matter, we are constantly seeking to satisfy clients’ needs.

100 patent engineers, who have backgrounds in, among other things,mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, chemistry, and biotechnology.

Filing more than 3,800 patent and utility model applications with the Japanese Patent Office annually (3,843 cases in 2016).

Use of our in-house developed software to facilitate speed and quality for our services.

Use of a software named “PATENT CHECKER” for checking approximately 180 different items and formalities in specifications prior to filing.