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Our design department precisely identifies the essence of your newly developed design and advises you on how to protect it and to make the most of it as a design right. We work closely with you in extracting the main features of the design, and analyze and propose possible ways of filing new design applications (including use of the related design and partial design systems) in order to obtain broad and solid design rights.

Our staff members, rich in experience in various design fields, strongly support you through the application stages and through the stages of utillizing/enforcing your design rights. In addition, regardless of the complexity of the design, we can timely prepare accurate and high-quality design drawings by use of our in-house CAD systems.

With such staff members and systems, we file a great deal of design applications annually in Japan.

Number of Design Applications Filed with the JPO

  2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Onda* 514 569 508 626 506
Total** 29,903 30,879 31,961 31,406 31,489

*Number of design applications filed with the JPO by ONDA TECHNO Intl. Patent Attys.
**Total number of design applications filed with the JPO

Requirements for applications:

Information Sheet including:

Applicants’ names and addresses, representative’s name, creators’ (of the design) names and addresses.
A brief explanation of the article.
The filing date, the filing number and the name of the country for the priority application.


a front view, rear view, left side view, right side view, top plan view, bottom plan view, perspective view, cross-sectional view and referential view showing the article in use (we will prepare drawings upon your request).

Priority Document (certified copy of the original application) or DAS code


  1. DAS for electronic interchange of priority documents is now available in Japan for design applications. If the access code of the original priority application is available, there is no longer a need to obtain and submit a paper version of the certified priority document to the JPO.
  2. If you require an estimated cost for filing an application, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Types of drawings

(1) When the design is embodied in a three-dimensional form, it is required that a front view, a rear view, a left side view, a right side view, a top plan view, and a bottom plan view be depicted in the drawings.  The depictions are to be the same scale in each figure by the orthographic projection method (hereinafter referred to as ” A set of six sided figures “).

Example of orthographic projection method:

Example of orthographic projection method

(2) A set of six sided figures (for some figures or for all the figures) can be replaced with a three-sided view drawn with either an isometric projection method or oblique projection method.

Example of isometric projection method:

Example of isometric projection method

Example of oblique projection method:

Example of oblique projection method

(3) If the design is in a planar form, depict a front view and back view with each depiction being the same scale.

Example of design of a handkerchief:

Example of design of a handkerchief

(4) If it is not possible to fully express a design with a set of six sided figures, it will be necessary to add a sectional view, an enlarged view, a perspective view, or other view.

(5) In place of line drawings, you can also submit photographs, models or specimens showing the design.


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