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Office Overview

Our goal is to become a global standard in the field of intellectual property.

Your considerable support has helped our growth since our establishment in 1968 to become one of the leading patent firms in Japan in terms of the number of patent applications filed each year.





The ONDA TECHNO Difference

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    Global Responsiveness

    ONDA TECHNO has abundant experience filing applications for patents, designs, and trademarks worldwide. Our in-house US patent attorneys and Chinese patent attorneys significantly expand our IP service abilities internationally. We have offices in Shanghai and Taiwan, and can also provide global IP services through a network of more than 1,700 vetted and trusted local patent firms in over 100 countries.

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    Efficient Processes Backed by a Rich Experience

    Since our establishment in 1968, we have enjoyed long-standing relationships with many of our best clients, including major automobile manufacturers and global IT companies. With over 300 excellent attorneys and staff providing services to our clients, we can handle even the largest and most urgent requests. We strive to make our clients a valued client for life.

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    High Quality Docketing & Proprietary Software

    Our administrative departments are specialized, with procedures to handle both domestic and international dockets and our administrative procedures are tested thoroughly before final integration into our docketing management systems. In order to ensure error-free docketing of separate and intertwined domestic and international dockets, we have established our own proprietary docketing system in order to most effectively respond to our client’s most complex requests.
    Additionally, ONDA TECHNO develops and maintains its own software for checking applications before filing with the JPO, which prevents clerical errors and gives our clients peace of mind.

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    Tough Cybersecurity and Disaster Management Systems

    Our cybersecurity measures include aggressive 24/7 network monitoring, thorough recordation of operational logs, and tight access restrictions on our clients’ data. Since Japan is an earthquake-prone country, ONDA TECHNO regularly stores backup data at a secure remote location and is well prepared for any unexpected problems and disasters.
    Our IT specialists routinely facilitate seamless transition to e-billing for our clients, and can quickly accommodate a variety of e-billing systems including Legal Tracker, CounselLink, Tymetrix, CounselGO, Ascent, Collaborati, among others.

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    Highly Tuned Organization Structure

    ONDA TECHNO's organizational structure has been fine-tuned to assign dedicated staff with high levels of expertise to each specialized department. Through this compartmentalization, our client's cases are always handled quickly by the most qualified team, reducing inefficiency and increasing quality. We strive for specialization even at department level, including patents, designs, trademarks, drawings, patent research/analysis, translation, system engineers, drawings, domestic docketing, and overseas docketing.

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    Professional Services

    ONDA TECHNO has over 300 employees, including Japanese patent attorneys, US patent attorneys, Chinese patent attorneys, a Taiwanese patent attorney, and over 100 patent engineers that serve our numerous clients worldwide for patent, design, trademark, and search services. We procure only the most highly educated engineers and competent, experienced legal staff. This combination allows us to provide fast, efficient, and cost-effective services to our clients. For example, a search-dedicated patent attorney oversees our highly-qualified search staff, while technologically knowledgeable in-house translators and drawing staff ensure the highest level of comprehension, allowing complete quality control over our services, translations, and drawings.

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    Reliable Quality Management System

    ONDA TECHNO established its own quality management system based on the standards of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). We perform regular rigorous internal audits and implement special management protocols when rare errors occur to prevent recurrence.

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    Constant Business Improvement through the Japanese Concept of "Kaizen"

    In order to continually improve our services, ONDA TECHNO has been engaged in "Kaizen" QC circle activities company-wide for more than 25 years, improving efficiency in all facets of our work. This means we are constantly pursuing improvements by identifying and eliminating problems and inefficiencies, resulting in, for example, improvements on quality of specifications, streamlining interviews with inventors, and efficiency of docketing system/service. Our cost savings stemming from these initiatives are passed down to our valued clients.



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