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ONDA TECHNO provides industry-leading intellectual property search services.

Japan enjoys the worlds 3rd largest economy and one of the largest and most sophisticated patent systems. To protect their rights in this valuable and accessible market, inventors in Japan and abroad file more than 370,000 patent applications written in Japanese. Since these applications are published in a language that is difficult, if not impossible, to search for non-Japanese speakers, rudimentary patent examination searches are woefully inadequate for finding meaningful Japanese prior art. Due to these poor prior art searches of Japanese patent publications during the examination stage, we have found that there is a high likelihood of a successful prior art search in Japan when a search is performed independently of examination.

Our experienced in-house searchers offer high-value-added services from search strategy planning to analyzing and compiling of patent database information. We can smoothly synchronize search results with our clients other intellectual property needs. In addition, we provide database construction services for easy pinpoint access to critical patent information.

Our Japanese language searches cover a wide breadth of general property rights to find prior art from an array of traditional and non-traditional sources. We search technical literature, corporate information, market information, and printed publications such as newspapers and journals, among others. These searches are conducted by our certified database searchers.

Our patent search consists of two stages: a computer-assisted search first stage and a manual search second stage. In the first stage, a computer-assisted search using various databases is performed. The publications hit by the computer-assisted search are carefully filtered by our in-house searchers in the second stage. This way, we provide you our industry-best service in the most cost-effective manner.

Searches Relating To Intellectual Property Rights

Validity Search

Validity search is a prior art search among the patents and technical literature preceding the filing or priority date of a particular application or granted patent for determining its validity. Validity search identifies documents disclosing prior art identical or obvious to the subject case. It provides closest references to the subject when no pertinent prior art is found.

Market-Clearance Search

Market-clearance search provides information about matured patents that cover a proposed product and/or methods. Our service can extend to laid-open patent applications that may cover the product/method.

Legal Status Search

Legal status search provides information relating a legal status search for a particular patent, trademark, or pending application. Upon request, we will examine the file history and the maintenance fee ledger in order to offer detailed information regarding the current legal status of the patent, trademark, or pending application.

Monitoring Service

Our monitoring service updates information about the current status of the pending application you are interested in.

Company Name Search

We present a list of patents, pending applications, and/or trademarks according to a company name. The search may be limited to a particular technical field.

  • Areas of search: pending applications, patents, utility models, designs, and trademarks
  • Type of search: computerized
Trademark Search

We carry out a search for the presence of identical or similar trademark applications and registrations to your proposed mark.

Design Search

We carry out a search for registered designs identical or similar to your proposed design.

  • Areas of search: registered designs
  • Type of search: computerized and manual
Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI) Service

We search the latest published references according to a particular technical field, classification of a trademark, company name, etc. The period covered and the frequency of distribution can be prearranged.

  • Areas of search: patents, utility models, designs, and trademarks
  • Type of search: computerized and manual