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Japanese Patent FAQs

Post Issuance of Patent

1. Is it possible to cancel claims for an issued patent to reduce the annuity fee?

Yes. When the patentee would like to reduce the number of claims for issued patents, it is possible to file “Application for Registration of Partial Abandonment of Patent Rights.” In order to take such a procedure, a “Partial Abandonment of Patent Rights” and a Power of Attorney signed by the patentee are required.

2. Is it possible to amend claims after a patent application has matured into a patent?

No. It is not possible to substantively amend claims after payment of the registration fee. Only cancellation of claims, correction of typos, and narrowing scope of claims are allowed after issuance of a patent.

3. What documentation must be filed for correcting claims for an issued patent?

It is necessary to file an “Appeal for Correction” together with corrected claims and specification.  A Power of Attorney also is required.