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1. An Office Action report will be provided within one week from the issue date of the Office Action.

When we report Office Actions, we send a brief report letter (Notification of Reasons for Rejection) within one week from the issue date of the Office Action.  The report letter indicates the claims rejected, brief reasons for rejection, and a list of the cited references.  In some cases, this letter will allow your clients to make an early decision concerning prosecution in Japan before having to incur the expense of translation and analysis of the Office Action.  It also provides you with the information necessary to prepare an IDS for any corresponding US cases.

2. Our proposals for Office Actions include several options and our clients can select an appropriate option.

Considering the convenience of our clients, our proposals for Office Actions typically include several options and our clients can select an appropriate option based on their purpose and future intended use of the intellectual property.  Upon request, we provide our clients with a draft response in compliance with Japanese patent law and practice.

3. We can easily handle e-billing systems (CounselLink, Tymetrix etc.).

We are currently using e-billing systems including CounselLink, Tymetrix , Tymetrix360, and Serengeti Tracker.   We have seven in-house systems engineers, which allows us to more easily handle a transition to e-billing and which reduces the burden on our clients during such a transition.

4. No fees for transferring files to our firm will be charged.

If you merge or split entities, we will meet your expectations regarding assignment and other documentation.  We have had several US clients transfer their hundreds of files to our firm and are capable of handling such large operations.  We will not charge an attorney’s fee for transferring Japanese patent applications that are currently being handled by other firms.  Thus, our clients do not need to pay fees to both Japanese firms when a transfer takes place.

5. One-stop service for both Japan and China is available.

Onda Techno is the first Japanese patent firm to have established an office in China.  We are able to provide one-stop service for both Japan and China.  Our clients do not need to contact both Japanese agent and Chinese agent for requesting filing patent applications.