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Japanese Trademark FAQs

Before you apply

  1. How long does it take for an application to be registered?
  2. Is there a way to expedite examination?
  3. What is registrable as a trademark in Japan?
  4. Are three-dimensional trademarks allowed in Japan?
  5. Is proof of use required to obtain trademark registration?
  6. What is the non-use cancellation system in Japan?
  7. Are marks well-known outside Japan protectable in Japan?
  8. Is it possible to prevent others from using marks identical to or similar with a trademark in a pending application?
  9. What is the term and how can the mark be renewed?
  10. What are the forms of trademark registration specified under the Japanese Trademark Law?

When you apply

  1. What is required for filing a trademark application in Japan?
  2. What are the typical costs for filing and prosecuting a trademark application?
  3. How should the goods be listed in a trademark application to obtain broader protection?
  4. Is a pre-filing trademark search necessary?

Japanese Trademark Classification

  1. How are goods classified in Japan?
  2. What is the so-called re-classification system?

Criteria for similarity of trademark

  1. What are the criteria for determining similarity of trademarks?


  1. Does a license have to be recorded at the Japanese Patent Office?
  2. What are the viable options when a trademark application is rejected?
  3. Is marking of a registered trademark required in Japan?
  4. Is it compulsory to record a change of registrant's name and address in Japan?