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Convention Applications (Paris Route)

Requirements for filing patent applications in Japan:

  1. To secure a filing date when there is a very short time for translation, it is possible to file an application in any language with the JPO. In this case, we must file a translation within 16 months from the date of the earliest priority date.
  2. In Japan, examination is carried out only on applications for which a request for examination has been filed. A request for examination should be filed within three years from the filing date. Otherwise, an application is deemed to be withdrawn.
  3. It is not necessary to file a copy of an assignment from inventors to applicants (owners) to obtain a filing date.
  4. Please note that if we receive a Priority Document before filing an application with the Japanese Patent Office, there is no charge for late filing of documents. However, there is a charge of JY12,000 for a document filed late.