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Activities for Improving Business Performance

(1) Streamlining of Management Systems (Computerization)

Seven system engineers work to develop our own software to meet the most necessary tools for docketing and patent prosecution tasks.

  1. “PATENT CHECKER” for checking approximately 250 different items and formalities in specifications prior to filing
  2. Supporting software for preparing amendments
  3. Electronic file wrapper system (accessing image data)
  4. File location system using bar-code in the International Department

(2) Quality Control Activity


  1. Reinforcing management foundations by continuous improvement of our performances
  2. Improving the work environment by voluntary activities

We are proud that we have seriously engaged in quality control activity since 1983, and we believe that this activity has contributed to improve our performance in various ways. 

The following are some areas that our quality control activity investigated in the past.

Patent Prosecution Department:
  1. Efficiency in understanding technology when preparing specifications
  2. Efficiency in preparing specifications by rebuilding the flow of writing specifications
  3. Efficiency in interviews with inventors
  4. Efficiency in obtaining necessary information about technology
Trademarks, Designs, Search and Drawings departments:
  1. Efficiency in preparing numerous design applications
  2. Efficiency in preparing drawings
Administration Department:
  1. Diminishing overtime
  2. Efficiency in docketing departments
  3. Efficiency in processing debit notes
  4. Diminishing unnecessary expenses for extension of time for responding to Actions
  5. Utilizing information from the Administration Department’s home page
Other Departments:
  1. Improving the work environment in Tokyo Office
  2. Educating and directing attention to the importance of the ISO


Personnel Training and Study Sessions

New staff members attend an “IP Rights Education Program”. We often plan and hold seminars by foreign associates to inform our staff about changes in the law and to strengthen our knowledge of foreign laws and procedures. Also, we periodically have study sessions. The following are some subject areas in the study sessions that we focused on in the past:

  1. Writing claims to meet foreign patent requirements
  2. Writing strong claims for enforcing IP rights
  3. Business method patents
  4. Strategic use of design applications
  5. Study meetings about technologies (mechanical engineering,electrical engineering, chemistry, and biotechnology)